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This page is a kind of my private tribute to Limbonic Art - band that is in my
opinion one of the most interesting bands on the present extreme metal scene.
I'll hope that you will find here what you are looking for.

Limbonic Art has been formed by two Norwegians who perform music that can be called
'symphonic black metal'.  Although they weren't,  of course, the first band to play
such music, the way in which they combine black metal elements with elements of
symphonic music is unique. Music performed by Limbonic Art is still evolving, though
nobody knows in what direction. Having published three 'symfo-black' records
(one of which consists of re-recorded demos) the band recorded "Ad noctum...", the most
brutal and agressive work in their history. That album, although completely
different from the former ones, again proved that LA is one of the most interesting
bands of the present extreme metal scene.

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