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scorpio.jpg - 19896 Bytes

"Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death"

1. The Dark Paranormal Calling
2. As the Bell of Immolation Calls
3. Pits of the Cold Beyond
4. Dynasty of Death
5. The Supreme Sacrifice
6. In Embers of Infernal Greed
7. The Yawning Abyss of Madness
* Enthralled by the Shrine of Silence (Bonus)
* Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep (Bonus)

Recorded at Pete's Place recording studio April to June 99
Mixed by Peter Lundell
Produced by Peter Lundell & LA
Mastered at Strype Audio
Photos by Olof Karlsson

Comments by Limbonic Art to this album:

Loaded with a medium solid budget, Another full month in the studio.
Aiming for the most devastating and extreme production so far in the career,
the returning ghost of the housekeeper, kept haunting us through out the
production. Obviously aware of the dark nature of our beings, and the evil
atmosphere we were bringing into this house. The album turned out pretty
much as expected
New dimensions appear on this album, while further improvisations and
experiments kept on growing. Another door opened, into the oblivion of
dreams ...
Shortly after the copmletion of this album, the studio ended it's days,
due to financial complications...
We look back on the time we had with our Swedish friend,and hold great
appreciation to his work.