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Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation Vol.3, Disc 2

1. Spellbound (By The Devil) - Dimmu Borgir
2. Dusk Of The Forgotten Darkness - Enthroned
3. Enter The Moonlight Gate - Lord Belial
4. Astray Within The Coffinwood Mill - Diabolical Masquerade
5. Sacrifices Within Me - Amduscias
6. The Spell Of The Winter Forest - Hecate Enthroned
7. Walking Through Fire - Prophanity
8. En Verden Au Stein - Ragnarok
9. Through The Gleams Of Death - Limbonic Art
10. Of Darkness And Light - Thy Serpent
11. Images Of The Mystic Sphere - Tartaros
12. What Malice Embrace - Old Man's Child

Compilation cd containing material performed by various (best) artists from black metal scene, released by Metal Blade records.