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"Chronicles of Limbo" is a special vinyl edition which contains six picture LP and poster . Box was released by Hammerheart Records and contains "Moon in the Scorpio" "In Abhorrence Dementia" , "Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death" and some extra not published before tracks.

"Chronicles of Limbo"

" Moon in the Scorpio"
Lp 1

Side A:
Beneath the Burial Surface
Moon in the Scorpio
Side B:
Through Gleams of Death

Lp 2

Side A
In Mourning Mystique
Beyond the Candles Burning
Side B
Darkzone Martyrium
* The Dark Rivers of the Heart

"In Abhorrence Dementia"
Lp 3

Side A:
In Abhorrence Dementia
A Demonoid Virtue
*Descend to Oblivion
Side B:
A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace
When Mind and Flesh Departs

Lp 4

Side A:
Deathtrip to a Mirage Asylum
Under Burdens of Life's Holocaust
Side B:
*Abyssmal Necromancy
Behind the Mask Obscure
Misanthropic Spectrum

"Ad Noctum-Dynasty of Death"
Lp 5

Side A:
The Dark Paranormal Calling
As the Bell of Immolation Calls
Pits of the Cold Beyond
Side B:
Dynasty of Death
*Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep

Lp 6

Side A:
The Supreme Sacrifice
In Embers of Infernal Greed
Side B:
*Enthralled by the Shrine of Silence
*The Yawning Abyss of Madness

* Bonus tracks