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"In Abhorrence Dementia"

1. In Abhorrence Dementia
2.A Demonoid Virtue
3. A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace
4. When Mind and Flesh Depart
5. Deathtrip to a Mirage Asylum
6. Under Burdens of Life's Holocaust
7. Oceania
8. Behind the Mask Obscure
9. Misanthropic Spectrum
* Abyssmal Necromancy (Bonus)
* Descend to Oblivion (Bonus)

-In Abhorrence Dementia was recorded autumn 97 at Pete's Place recording studio
-Produced by Peter Lundell and Limbonic Art
-Mixed by Peter Lundell
-Sequencing by Simen Scharning and Morfeus
-Mastered at Strype Audio
-Additional female vocals by Morgana and Lizbeth F.
-Photos by Grim Lindberg
Comments by Limbonic Art to this album:

Finally we were worked with an expanded budget. One full month
in studio. A very natural development, musically speaking we had
more time for improvisation, and adjustments.
Active help from the producer.
Two female vocalists participated during the recording.
Quite calm conditions around the production, except for a very
annoying housekeeper, who always ran down the doors of the
studio to see that we didn't thrash his place ...
The studio was located basically in our own neighbourhood, which
was a real comfort for us.