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"Epitome of Illusions"

1.Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares
2.Eve of Midnight
3.Path of Ice
4.Sources to Agonies
5.Solace of the Shadows
6.The Black Heart's Nirvana
7.Arctic Odyssey
* Phantasmagorial Dreams (Bonus)

Epitome of Illusions was recorded at Pete's Place recording studio spring 98
Produced by Peter Lundell and Limbonic Art
Mixed by Peter Lundell
Mastered at Strype Audio
Comments by Limbonic Art to this album:

Low budget recording. Short production time, only six days in
the studio, this because we wanted to keep some "demo" feeling
throughout the recording. Turned out better than we anticipated,
whwn it comes to character of the sound picture, as it was only a
recording of old demo material. A presentation of old ghost.