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"Originators Of The Northern Darkness"

Immortal - "From The Dark Past"
Dark Funeral - "Pagan Fears"
Vader - "Freezing Moon"
Emperor - "Funeral Fog"
Behemoth - "Carnage"
Limbonic Art - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"
Keep Of Kalessin - "Buried By Time And Dust"
Gorgoroth - "Life Eternal"
Carpathian Forest - "Ghoul"
Seth - "Into Thy Labyrinth"
Gehenna - "Cursed In Eternity"
Absu - "Deathcrush"

Yes, this is the most anticipated release in years... possibly only comparable to a Celtic Frost reunion or a new Bathory album.... But here it is now, cruel as a beast. IMMORTAL, EMPEROR, DARK FUNERAL, BEHEMOTH, CARPATHIAN FOREST, VADER, GORGOROTH, GEHENNA, SETH, KEEP OF KALESSIN, ABSU and LIMBONIC ART. They all contributed with flaming anger to this tribute, the tribute album we would say... The record is vintagely dressed with many old-Mayhem times pictures, directly supplied by the band. A truely limited edition in black leather will be available till stocks last.  
(this info was taken from Avantgarde Music materials)