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"Moon in the Scorpio"

1. Beneath the Burial Surface
2.Moon in the Scorpio
3.Through Gleams of Death
4.In Mourning Mystique
5.Beyond the Candles Burning
6. Darkzone Martyrium
7. The Dark Rivers of the Heart (Bonus track)

-Moon in the Scorpio was recorded autumn 1996 at Bondi Lydstudio.
-Produced by Anders G. Offenberg Jr. and Limbonic Art
-Engineered by Anders G. Offenberg Jr.
-Additional Vocals by Morgana
Comments by Limbonic Art to this album:

Low budget recording. One female vocalist participated during the
recording. Mastering was done at a minimum without the band presence.

Aiming very much for a dark and cold piece for the metal scene, the
album was recorded under ritualistic and magical circumstances. This
to obtain the right atmosphere and spirit in the co damned important
debut. there were some problems with producer on the terms of co-
operation during the recording process, which lesd to irritation, and
maybe lack of inspiration. Lack of studio experience and quality of
equipment also made the sesion a trial of patience ...

First night without a place to crash, we ended up in Mysticum's
small cave, or so called rehearsal place. Not specifically much
sleep for the wicked, as it was damned easy to be caught " the
streams of inferno ..." in search for "...the planet satan..."