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Limbonic Art - In Abhorrence Dementia
Review by Wim Callebaut
Rating: 95/100

Limbonic Art's debut, "Moon in Scorpio", was a very good album with synth based black metal and a drum computer. Not just the 100th Emperor clone, but original Black metal with an own identity. Now with their second album, they are grown in their own style, in a good way! "In Abhorrence Dementia" is the logical follow up, but a lot better! Everything that made Limbonic Art a great band is still available, from the combination Clean-Scream-Viking-Choir vocals to the samples and strange keyboard lines. On the debut, the keyboard lines were too dominating so the guitar was difficult to hear. With this album the is problem is a little bit gone. They mixed the guitar more in the foreground, and added a heavier sound to them, but mostly the keyboards are again too dominating. But it doesn't bother so much. The drum computer is also used a lot better. It's more variated and unbelievable aggressive. I don't think that there will be one drummer that can make this true in real. I still think they don't use a bass guitar. A weak point, no, not at all. If Marduk or Immortal would play without a bass it would be problem, but this kind of music is full enough to stand up without that instrument. The music is a lot more aggressive than "Moon in Scorpio". And that's also a great thing. There are more dynamics between slow-fast, bombastic-relax,… Like I said before, everything is better on this album, so there is nothing more to say about this…

Standout tracks:

If you liked "Moon in Scorpio" you will like this. No weak points, just that little guitar-mix problem they have, but it's not irritating. If you want an original black metal album, get this. You would not be disappointed.