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taken from Agonia Magazine

Tell us what was the reason why you decided to found a band? Why you made up your mind to play just such kind of Music? How long the idea of Limbonic Art was persecuting you?

Well, first of all, Daemon formed the band, and it had been going on for a little while before I got into the band, back then with a full member line-up, and when they decided to split up, Daemon and I had met, and we thought we made some music that were interesting, and we decided to keep the band alive… During three years, full of diverse changes on metal scene, you have published couple of incredible good albums just as a due. Are you satisfied with this? Do you consider it as a huge success? What was the most important success for you during these years? No, I am satisfied with what we have accomplished, but I’m not very satisfied with the albums we made, I never am, cause I hear so many things that could be done differently, or better, but usually as we are finished with an album, it is at the peak of what we can do at the moment, so that is why they are as they are, but some months after the release, the things start to occur to me that, why did we do this, this is not good enough, and so on. I think this is a good thing, cause it just means that we are progressing…

Also, how long do you know each other with Daemon and also with Samoth?What was the reason for he offered you a deal? Are you satisfied with N.A.P.'s support? Why did Hammerheart release your latest "Chronicles of Limbo"?

I have known Daemon for several years back, I don’t know how long, and it is not important. We got in touch with Samoth after we released our second rehearsal, and the reason that he offered us a deal, was obviously that he saw our potential… Hammerheart released the “chronicles” cause they came up with the idea, and the money for it. They will also release a coming 4 cd box, hopefully it will be out really soon.

Also, I'm curious about your recent tour with Rebelliun and Mystic Circle... All in all you perform quite different extreme than these bands (especially Rebelliun). Are you totally pleased with this tour?

I am both pleased, and not pleased with this tour, the bands were great, and with great people and musicians, and an excellent crew, so the playing and the mood on the bus were totally great, but there were some arrangemental problems on the tour that made it go straight to hell, a few shows were cancelled, and bla bla bla, I don’t really want to talk about it, it is finished, and part of the past.

Let's leave your band and let's talk for different topics but still very into Metal... Firstly, tell me what do your parents think of your band?

My parents are really supportive about it, and the help me out whenever they can, and my mom even listens to the albums from time to time, annoying to my dad but…. No, they are really a help to me…

Morfeus, tell me what kind of children were you? What age did you discover metal and what was the first LP's you bought? Do you always wear a leather/jean jacket and what pins and patches are on it?

I don’t want to go into what kind of kid I used to be (…I still see me as a kid, I think that is important…) but I guess I discovered metal at the age of 12 or 13. I don’t remember actually what was the first album, but I think it was Killers from Iron Maiden… and of course the jean jacket was there, with patches and pins and all the shit… if it should be, then it should be….

When did you uncover underground scene and what were the first demos you listened to? Please, list a few of your prized pieces of "old bands" from your early days in the scene...

In the beginning of my metal career, I did not have any friends that were into that scene, so I never had any demos and so on, I just went to the music store and bought what I could find there, but I never had the big search for this music, cause I didn’t know much about it, so I was a bit of an outcast in relations to the friends that I had, so it took me very long before I started reading and writing with people and got “connected” to the scene, if you could call it that, but I still don’t read much, or pay much attention to what happens…

You didn't release any demo tape. What was the reason for? All in all you released "Epitome of Illusions" with your very early pieces. So, there was no demo at the beginning but there were some songs at the beginning... Introduce me with this topic, please.

Well, as I said, we recorded two rehearsals, which had a terrible sound, but we didn’t “release them, cause our intentions was to present this to the labels, not the audience, and that’s why there are not very many of those in circulation… Then when we got in touch with Samoth, we released a promo cassette, which was sent out in 100 copies I think, and that’s it… The reason for “epitome” was to release the songs from the rehearsals that was not been released properly, and to stop the process of copying all the tapes that we got from people that wanted the tapes, we got a bit bored by that, and to all the people who sent the tapes and got no answer, sorry, but shit happens… We wanted to re-record the songs because of their lousy sound quality, and do something that hadn’t been done before, and to get the chance to fix up a bit on the songs….

Also what was the main inspiration for you to start Limbonic Art? Any band, book or movie? What is the reason that you deal with "cosmic" topics in your covers, lyrics and image in general? Don't you think that there are many bands for whom you shown a way of performing their selves?

As I said, I didn’t start Limbonic Art. The reason for the cosmic thing is divided, there are so many atmospheres to play on with cosmos, it can be beautiful, scary, huge… this is something that has always interested me, I have read a lot about it, and it came natural to me… I have been told that we have been an inspiration to other bands, and I feel this flattering, and good of course, but I don’t know how true it is…

And can you agree that you already became (during these three years) a real and also stable part of the whole "Metal History"? I mean that you already become a legend... What do you think of it?

I don’t see us as a legend, it sure don’t feel to me like we are, and it is not up to me to judge about that, and bands that are legends, don’t they make money… hi hi… I see myself as a guy who makes music, cause I love it, and that is it, legend or not, but I can agree to that we are a part of the metal scene, and also hopefully we’ll keep on going further into the history with more good music…

You are one of very first bands, which mixed orchestral music with metal. At present you are aimed a little more in modern-electronic. Is it a way of natural evolution of the band?

I think that it is a natural progression of me as a person, as I have always liked to try out new things, and I listen to all kinds of music, so I think it is Daemon who keeps the more old fashioned metal style to our music, but I think we do the combination in a good way… Only the future will tell what comes next… I like by the way that you say “orchestral”, not “classical” music, cause you are quite right about it, I never liked the thing about us being inspired by classical music, cause it is not right, but I wanted to use orchestral sounds, cause it may sound so big…

Tell me about life in Norway. Does your area of Norway have a rich history you could tell about? What do you think about Norway scene past and present? Do you often see metal heads walking the streets in your town/city?

The life in Norway is quite boring, as I see it, there is not much happening here, and about the history, Vikings and our northern mythology has never really inspired me that much, but there are quite some important findings in the area where I live, Viking ships and so on… As of the metal scene, I don’t pay much attention to it, I talk to the Emperor guys every now and then, and some other bands of course, but it is not important to me to know bands or things like that, cause I do my own thing and leave it with that….

Mainly, you are supported by quite big labels. But do you co-operate with any smaller "supporters"? What is the meaning of 'zines, web magazines and the whole underground in your opinion? Do you prefer exclusive un released stuff or rather official? Do you consider Limbonic Art as an underground band?

Not really, but I think we could co operate with anyone who offer us a good deal… The most important thing about this is to work with people who are serious, and that do a good job… Zines and the underground in general are quite important really, although I don’t pay much attention to it, but I would say that if I have the choice between a zine that sells two thousand copies, and one who sells 50 000, the choice is not really that hard… I think that exclusive things are really important to release, cause it gives something extra, and that is fun to have, but the official things are just as much important… I don’t look upon Limbonic Art as underground or anything else, it is not up to me to judge about it, I mean, you really have to be outside the band to see that kind of things, but I can say that we are not as big as we maybe want to, or aim for, we will go on, and hopefully get as big as possible….

Are there still some bands you dream to play with? By the way: don't you think to employ a session drummer?

There are of course still bands that I would like to play with, but I won’t mention any here, cause this is personal dreams of mine, and is not important for others to know about… We are very comfortable with our drum machine….

Who writes the music? Is it the due effort? How do you go about structuring your songs?

We both writes the songs, but mainly I do the orchestral arrangements for the music, but lately most of the songs have been done in the rehearsal room, on guitars first, and then the keyboards come in after, and it will be fun to see how this turns out, cause normally the songs have been made on the keyboards first…

What is your opinion on the Polish metal scene? What is your opinion or prescription of Poland as a nation? Do you like this country?

I have a very good impression on the polish metal scene, it has been some very great gigs in Poland for us, and we love very much to play there. As a nation I don’t know much about Poland, and I have not seen so much of Poland that I can tell if I like it or not, but I have no bad experiences with Poland…

Infernal thanx for taking your time to complete this interview. Feel free to use these last lines for your personal comment...

As I always hate this section, I will just hail the Polish audience, and hope to see you again on tour sometime next year, with new explosions of metal…. Cheers