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* I've added brand new interview with Morfeus (september 2002), click here and
enjoy it (big thanks to Scott Alisoglu for this interview and info about it)
* I've added review of upcoming "Ultimate death worship", you can find it
in review section, or click here to read it

* "Ultimate death worship" will be released on 16 september (17 in USA)
but now you can view teaser of a new album click here and enjoy it

click here to see teaser


* and here it is : tracklist for "The Ultimate Death Worship"
( release date : 17 september 2002 )

1. "The Ultimate Death Worship"
2. "Suicide Commando"
3. "Purgatorial Agony"
4. "Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams"
5. "Last Rite For The Silent Darkstar"
6. "Interstellar Overdrive"
7. "From Shades Of Hatred"
8. "Funeral Of Death"

The Ultimate Death Worship closes the chapter on a two-year hiatus for
the Norwegian band. Expected to be one of the fall's bigger metal releases,
the album includes a guest appearance by MAYHEM's Attila Csihar
on the track "From Shades of Hatred".


* I've added brand new guestbook (the old one didn't work as it should)
feel free to leave there your sign, message or whatrever you want.
I'll be very grateful for suggestions about site design, mistakes etc...
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* I've added new interview. It has been published on march 2002 so it's
quite new. You can find there some info about new album, and of course
a lot of other interesting things ... Go to interview section and enjoy it !

* i've just heard unsubstantiated gossip that new album will not be so brutal
and extreme as last one, is it true ? i don't know ...

* if you are interested in other NAP releases , click button below
(news ,artists, releases, sound clips and more ...)


* www.limbonic.prv now is temporarily hosted by tripod, so it is
faster than it was (but nothing is for free, now there are some pop up
windows you've to watch, sorry for this, but i can do nothing with them...)

* Exclusive info for about upcoming album ( straight from Morfeus ) :
"...The official title for the coming album is: "The Ultimate Death Worship",
and some songs are "Funeral of Death", "Towards the Oblivion of Dreams."
The album is recorded now, and there are minor editing still to do before we start
mixing the thing, and NAP expect to release the album sometime in august..."

* I am proud to inform that this website is a Winner of the Golden Web Awards
( exactly one from many winners) big thx goes to lex666 who
submitted this site to GW awards


*I've added form, so if you want to contact with me siply click here to fill the form
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*Phantasmagorial Dreams (unofficial Limbonic Art web page) has been closed,
Official Limbonic Art galaxy is still closed due to reconstruction, but don't cry :)
all of you, is still available [28.02.2002]

*I've just added 2 interviews (german version), and i've aded
more links to Limbonic soundclips (you can find them in download section
all new links lead to Nocturnal Art Prod. sound section )[15.02.2002]

*some official infos from Nocturnal Art Productions
( [24.01.2002]:

I) Info about new album:
LIMBONIC ART has just started to record their new album.
No album title confirmed. More news to come!
(and that's all from NAP about new Limbonic Art album)

II) info about older albums:
The following album's from LIMBONIC ART's back-catalogue has just been put
out on license in the US via Candlelight Records US:
"Moon in the Scorpio"
"In Abhorrence Dementia"
"Ad Noctum - Dynasty of Death"

all albums include bonus tracks! For further info, please contact:
Paula Hogan at:


*Limbonic Art has started recording new album (november 2001),
here is some info from official limbonic website : "...finally Limbonic Art
has started recording the next album. The drums and most of the synthlayers
are finished, and the guitars will be layered shortly.Soon also there will
be revealed some song titles, and also we will name the coming album ",


*Now you can vote for the best Limbonic Art album here sign my guestbook here
or view it here

* If you want to learn more about tribute for Mayhem (that
contain cover performed by Limbonic Art) click here

* First news : finally , unofficial Limbonic Art site has been opened
in english version (after several months existing only in polish version),
I hope that you will find here what you are looking for. If you have got
any suggestions or comments (regarding contents or site functioning )
please e-mail webmaster : , any comments
are welcome.